QUALIFIEDteam of Mine Experts

We are a leading team of professionals orientated towards generating value for our clients as their strategic partner. Our corporate culture is based on safety, innovation, quality assurance and transparency in satisfying our client’s timeline and needs.


We offer comprehensive solutions that fulfill the needs of our clients, based on the knowledge, experience and innovation of our team.


To become the leading consultants in the development of sustainable projects for the mining industry at a national and international level.


Our Philosophy: Safe Designs, Successful Projects!

Health and Safety are the foundations of everything that we do at GEMIN ASSOCIATES. Our aim is to be the leading consultants, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness for our clients, promoting health, safety and wellbeing.

With our philosophy: “Safe Designs, Successful Projects!” we offer services which transcend the previous standards. GEMIN ASSOCIATES has professionals trained in health, safety and environmental awareness who review the design criteria before the development stage in order to ensure that these issues are addressed in the project design right from the start.


Responsible designs committed to sustainable development.

GEMIN ASSOCIATES is aware that the success of any project investment must be environmentally, socially and economically beneficial.

Our philosophy is developing safe designs for successful projects, utilizing our environmental management system reflects our commitment to sustainable development of our client’s project.


GEMIN´s core values are reflected in the actions of our team.

Sense of Owership

    Graham A. Speirs P. Eng.

    Managing Director

    Professional Mining Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in projects and operations for the mining industry in Canada, USA, Greenland, Papa New Guinea, Tanzania, Turkey, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Russia. Graham was Corporate Manager of Projects for Milpo Mining Company, Vice President for South America of Stonegate Agricom and Chief Operating Officer for B2 Gold.


    Carlos Bautista

    Manager of Engineering

    Carlos is a mining engineer with over 25 years of experience. Recent work were developed in Compania Minera Milpo SAA as Corporate Project Superintendent Mine , Corporate Superintendent Preparation and Development , Mine Superintendent Unit " El Porvenir " and Unit "Ray Rock" in Chile, among the most important works is the design of Mine Unit " Hilarion " responsible by mine Deepening Phase II and Ventilation System Unit El Porvenir.


    Víctor Tambini

    Project Manager

    Professional Mechanical Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the design, construction and operation of electromechanical projects for industrial plants and the mining industry in Peru and at an international level.


    Charles Fyfe

    Business Administrator

    25 years working in the international financial markets and mining industry of Peru. Past experience: Executive Director of BWS Stockbrokers, Head of Corporate finance for Scotiabank Peru, Head Trader for ING Barings. He is Board Member of HDI Peru and The South African Peruvian Chamber of Commerce. Previously he was President of the Board of British Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, amongst other boards.


    Clever Parraga Quintanilla

    Construction Project Manager

    Professional Mining Engineer with a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Project Management. Clever has 25 years of experience in project development, including the construction of process plants, roads, tunnels, dams, canals, in addition to the development and expansion of open pit and underground mines. 


    Carlos Viteri, PMP

    Manager of Project Control

    Professional Civil Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the management of mining projects in Peru and Chile, participating in the FEL and EPCM stages of projects including Antamina and the Yanacocha extension. Carlos has been awarded international certification from PMI and IPA Institutes, and a Diploma in Mine Management from the Universidad del Pacifico.


    Laurent Lapointe

    Specialist in Mine Shafts and Hoists

    Specialist in Shaft Sinking and Hoists with more than 35 years of international experience in mine deepening projects in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, Nicaragua and the Philippines. Laurent was responsible for sinking the deepest shafts in operation in Canada, Peru and Brazil.


    Sandra Flores

    Manager Safety, Environment & Social Responsibility

    Professional Engineer with a Masters degree in Integrated Management Systems: Environment, Labor Risk, Social Responsibility and Quality. Sandra has also obtained a diploma in Mine Management and postgraduate studies in Environmental Management. She has more than 15 years of experience specializing in environmental management throughout the mining industry, including operations, explorations, greenfield projects, brownfield projects and advanced projects. Experienced in developing detailed environmental impact studies and mine closures, in addition to the maintenance and implementation of certification of management systems.


    Pedro Olivares

    Exploration Manager

    Professional Geologist with a Masters Degree in Geology, and a vast experience in exploration and evaluation of nonmetallic and metallic geological formations with more than 28 years of experience working in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia.


    Liam Bussey, MEng

    Automation Engineer

    Automation Engineer  with a Masters degree in Systems and Control Engineering, and more than 5 years of experience in the design and commissioning of automation projects for mines and process plants in Peru, UK and Saudi Arabia.


    Gestión Sostenible Perú

    Consulting Company

    Gestion Sostenible Peru SAC provides advisory services and promotes development, good practices and high standards at a social, environmental and corporate level, in order to strengthen organizations and their activities. This creates greater benefits for the country and generations.


    They are known for the application of innovative solutions, improving the management of complex situations or problems.


    Wabi Iron & Steel Corp

    Underground Material Handling Systems and Shaft Conveyances

    Wabi will assist GEMIN with the engineering of underground material handling systems and mine shaft conveyances. They are a leading manufacturer of shaft conveyances and associated loading and dump systems used primarily by the mining industry.


    Hydro-Geo Consultores SAC

    Consulting Company

    Hydro-Geo Consultores SAC is a Peruvian consulting company specializing in the management of surface and groundwater resources. They are authorized by the Registry of Consultants from the National Water Authority to execute underground water studies, in addition to the National Register of State Providers to provide goods, services and construction consultancy.


    Water, Waste and Land

    International Consulting Company

    Water, Waste and Land, Consulting Engineers and Scientists (WWL), is a services company specialized in providing solutions for design, supervision and operation of Mine Waste Storage Facilities and in applying the latest technology. WWL has a strong focus on innovation and research, so as to optimize engineering in terms economics and the environment.


    DCR Ingenieros S.R.Ltda.

    Geomechanical Consulting Company

    DCR Ingenieros specialize in rock mechanics and geomechanics for the mining industry (open pit and underground) and the construction industry. They have successfully executed projects and studies for almost all of the Peruvian mining industry, in addition to a number of international customers in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua.



    UG Mine Equipment Suppliers

    Denarius SAC provide financial solutions for the mining industry and other industrial sectors. Denarius Mining was created to satisfy the growing demand for high quality equipment required in underground mining.


    Denarius Mining has formed a strategic alliance with GEMIN, and together with the companies which Denarius represents, offer the best solutions for the diverse underground mining projects.


    G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd

    Hoist System Design and Engineering

    Tiley provide engineering services related to mine hoisting systems, rotating machinery, and controls for industrials drive systems. They have expertise in headframe, hoist room, and shaft guide system design, as well as custom hoist control systems, incorporating modern PLC-based controls and computer based HMI graphical operator interface systems.